Ads Policies

Ads Policies

Ads on KnowWake are subject to the KnowWake Ads policies, except as provided below, where these KnowWake Ads specific policies will apply.
Any KnowWake Ads certifications granted to advertisers promoting restricted content via other KnowWake products do not apply to KnowWake Ads, due to KnowWake Ads’ specific exceptions.

Locations policy

Location names

  • Location names should reflect the business’s real-world name, as used consistently on storefronts, websites, stationery, and as known to customers.

  • Businesses with multiple branches may include location qualifiers in their location names (“Business name" + “Service area”).

  • Additional details like address and business hours should be added to other sections of your business information.

  • Do not Include a trademark symbol or any other special characters that aren’t part of the brand name.

Policy for navigable & non-navigable ads

Navigable ads on KnowWake include the ability to navigate to permanent, physical locations directly from them, either as a primary or secondary action. Non-navigable ads do not target such locations, and therefore do not trigger any navigation-related actions.

Eligible businesses for navigable ads

  • Businesses with permanent physical locations that provide services to customers during their stated hours.

  • Products, services, and events present in such businesses (as “Guest” advertisements, see below.

Eligible businesses for non-navigable ads

  • Businesses with no permanent physical locations or linkage to such, including but not limited to: Online stores and services, service providers with no permanent locations, and offices and institutions that don't offer in-person service.

These businesses can advertise their services on KnowWake with non-navigable Takeover ads.

Owner vs. Guest advertisements

“Owner” advertisements are ads promoting businesses that inhabit their advertised physical locations.
“Guest” advertisements are ads promoting products, services or events present in such businesses. “Guest” advertisement on KnowWake should meet the guidelines below:

  • Logos and banner images should represent the “Guest” brand only.
  • Location names should be the physical location names alone, for users to understand where the service/product is offered at.

Prohibited & restricted content


COVID-19-related advertising campaigns are not supported by KnowWake Ads.


  • Ads on KnowWake are displayed to users navigating. To keep them safe, KnowWake does not permit ads promoting products that limit the ability to safely operate a vehicle. This includes alcoholic beverages, drinks that resemble alcohol and products marketed as having 0% alcohol.

  • Venues such as restaurants, bars, hotels, vineyards, and breweries can promote their locations and services (such as food, entertainment, lodging options, and offers), but should not encourage alcohol consumption in the ad imagery or messaging, or display images of real alcohol bottles, cans, containers and glasses.

  • When a venue name consists of terms that allude to alcohol (for example, "Mike's Pub"), the alcohol-related terms may be used in the context of the business name only. Using alcohol-related terms outside the business name context is not allowed.


  • Allowed: Location name: “Dan’s Pub"; Location description: “Buy One Get One on Chicken Wings - Every Thursday between 5-8pm".

  • Not allowed: Location name: “Dan’s Pub"; "Location description: “Double margaritas when you buy two appetizers".

  • Ads promoting events or public safety messages sponsored by alcoholic beverage brands are allowed, as long as alcohol consumption is not encouraged in the ad imagery or messaging, explicitly or implicitly.


  • Ads for campaigns for/against public figures, political parties, organizations, or a political agenda are not allowed.

  • Ads encouraging people to go vote in municipal, state, or national elections are allowed, as long as they're not endorsing a specific party, figure, and/or agenda.

Real estate

  • Ads for real estate project sites or complexes are allowed as long as the location name contains the full property name, for example “Lighthouse Villas”.

  • Private individuals cannot advertise properties for sale/rent on KnowWake.

  • Real estate agencies may promote private individuals’ listings as long as the location names and descriptions meet the guidelines below:

  • The location name may be the property name paired with the name of the real estate agency promoting it.
    Example: “Lighthouse Villas by Intracoastal Realty”.

  • The location name may be the property name alone, but in that case, the location description must state the name of the real estate agency promoting it..
    Example: Location name: “Lighthouse Villas”; Location description: “Listed by Mike Smith of Intracoastal Realty”

  • The location name may contain wording such as “For sale” or “For rent”, but in that case, the location description must state the name of the real estate agency promoting it..
    Example: Location name: “For Rent, $1,200/month ”; Location description: “Listed by Mike Smith of Intracoastal Realty.”

  • The location name cannot be the real estate agency name alone.
    Example: “Intracoastal Realty”.

  • The location name cannot be the location address alone, unless it’s the official property name.
    Example: “7011 Main Street”.

Adult content

  • Ads for destinations and services containing adult themes and sex-related entertainment (including but not limited to strip clubs, burlesque clubs and sex shops) are not allowed.

  • Ads with sexually explicit or suggestive imagery and/or copy (including but not limited to visible genitalia, nipples, or buttocks; sexual body parts that are blurred or censored and sexually suggestive poses) are not allowed.

  • Ads for adult-oriented destinations and services motivated by sexual encounters (including but not limited to “love” hotels and “fling” or “swingers” dating sites) are not allowed.

  • Ads for destinations or services that may be interpreted as promoting a sexual act in exchange for compensation are not allowed. This includes prostitution, companionship or cuddling services and intimate massage or similar services.

Gambling and games

  • Ads for gambling and related content (including but not limited to casinos or games played for money, virtual currencies, items of real world value or prizes) are not allowed.

  • Ads for government-run lotteries are not allowed, except under certain conditions and only by advertisers that have been pre-certified by KnowWake.

  • Ads for venues with casinos or gambling facilities (such as hotels and resorts) are allowed, as long as they are promoting other onsite services (such as accommodation, restaurants, conference centers, events, etc.) and not the casino itself, and are not using any gambling-related copy or imagery.


  • Ads for cryptocurrencies and related content (including but not limited to initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency trading advice, and Bitcoin embassies) are not allowed.