Plan Your Day on a Boat with KnowWake

Heading out on the water for a fun-filled day of boating, but don’t know where to begin? If you’re just getting started with boating, or you’re exploring a new area, the KnowWake app can help serve as the perfect boat trip planner.

Outline your day from start to finish with these five simple steps, and take full advantage of all the useful navigation features within your KnowWake app.


Our Boat Trip Planner Features


1. Launch Your Boat OR Find Marinas that Offer Boat Rentals Near You

If you’re a boat owner, you may walk out your backdoor and start your day from your own private dock. But if that’s not an option, your day will likely begin and end at your local boat ramp. Use your KnowWake app to find public launch ramps in your area.

If you haven’t taken the plunge into boat ownership just yet, a daily boat rental may be the next best thing. KnowWake makes it easy to find nearby marinas in your community that may offer boat rentals. You can find marina contact information within the app, so you can call or explore their website to inquire about boat rental information and schedule your reservation.

2. Find the Perfect Spot to Dive Into Your Favorite Boating Activities

What’s on the agenda for the day? Fishing, watersports, snorkeling, diving, sandbar party? Whatever sparks your fancy, you can use KnowWake to find the ideal locations for your favorite boating activities.

Discover Popular Spots, Dive Sites, Snorkel Spots and Inlets. Also, keep an eye out for Orange Wake Zones, which indicate areas that allow towing and other high speed activities.

3. Refuel the Tank—and the Belly

When you’re ready to refuel, you can use KnowWake to look for fueling locations to top off your tank.

Not to mention, your gas tank might not be the only thing that’s running on empty. When you feel your stomach start to rumble, use the app to explore the closest dockside dining locations to stop for lunch, dinner, or grab-and-go.

4. Raft Up for Sunset

Top off your perfect day on the water by watching a perfect sunset on board. Enjoy the views with other members of the KnowWake community by anchoring at one of the local Raft Up locations.

If you get extra lucky, you might even see some wildlife by keeping an eye out for Marine Life sightings.

5. Save Your Favorite Locations with KnowWake

Throughout your day—or even when you’re back on dryland daydreaming about your next boat day—be sure to add your favorite locations within your app. You can pin these so they’re easy to find next time you’re out on the water, or so you can share these spots with friends. If you find a location that might not be on our KnowWake charts just yet, add it to the map so other KnowWake users will see this location during future use.

And don’t forget, you can use Saved Spots for private locations, too, which are only visible for you to see (don’t worry, we wouldn’t reveal the location of your “secret fishing spot”).

Ready to start planning your next perfect day on the water?
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