How to Start Boating Using KnowWake

If you’re wondering how to start boating for the very first time, you may feel a little intimidated—and that’s completely normal! You probably have a lot of questions like, “where do I buy or rent a boat,” “how do I operate or drive the boat,” “what do I do with the boat,” and “where do I go on the boat?”

Phew, take a deep breath—because we’re here to help. For starters, our friends at Discover Boating, BoatUS, and the National Safe Boating Council can help you answer many of those basic buying, safety, and seamanship questions.

And when it comes to where to go and what to do, here at KnowWake, we’ve got you covered!

How to Start Boating

1. Find Places to Go Boating Near You

Let’s start with where to go boating. If you’re renting a boat, your journey will start at one of your local marinas. You can find marinas and service locations right within your KnowWake app.

On the flipside, if you already own your own boat, your day will likely start at a nearby boat ramp. Identify your preferred launch ramp within the map and that’s it! You’re one step closer to getting out on the water.

2. Try Different Boating Activities

Once you’re out on the water, you might still be wondering where to go, in addition to wondering what to do. Use the app to explore popular spots and destinations that have been pinned by other KnowWake community users. You’ll find everything from dockside dining restaurants, to snorkeling and dive sites, marine life sightings, and so much more.

Enjoy the sunshine while day cruising, stop for a swim at a sandbar, go scuba diving, cast your line at a favorite fishing location, or make some waves with watersports in a designated Orange Wake Zone.

3. Connect with Friends and Other Boaters in Your Community

In general, boaters are a friendly crowd (yes, there is some logic behind the well-known “boater’s wave”). Encourage your local boating crew to download KnowWake so you’re able to share each other’s favorite locations.

You’ll also find it easy to connect with other KnowWakers in the area for raft ups at closeby party coves or meet ups at the local sandbar.

4. Discover Locations for Fueling, Service and Maintenance

Eventually, in between all the fun you’ll be having boating, there’ll be a time where you realize your fuel gauge is running on E. Or, maybe you’re in need of a small repair or a postseason tune-up?

Whatever the case may be—you guessed it—you’ll find it in your KnowWake app.

5. Keep on Boating!

Now, see…that wasn’t so hard was it?! The first step to becoming a lifelong boater is to start boating!

Whether coastal cruising is your thing, or you’re more interested in living the #LakeLife, we hope you continue to embrace the boating lifestyle—and use KnowWake to make your time on the water that much more enjoyable—for many years to come.

So, what are you waiting for?
Download the app to your iPhone or Android today and start boating!