Find Places to Go Boating Near You

Whether you’re an old salt who’s been boating for decades, or you’re a brand new boater who’s still getting their feet wet, having a go-to marine navigation app can make your time on the water that much better.

From finding all-new areas and locations to uncover, to pinning some of your favorite tried-and-true secret spots, KnowWake is here to help boaters both new and old seasoned explore the best places to go boating across the nation.

For starters, let’s take a look at some of the most useful locations you’ll find within the KnowWake app!

How to Find Places to Go Boating

1. Boat Ramps and Launch Areas

Start your day with a quick glance at your KnowWake app to find the closest public boat ramp in your community. This feature is especially useful for out-of-towners with a boat in tow, who may be unfamiliar with the area that they’re visiting.

The boat ramp feature also comes in handy towards the end of the season when many boaters are pulling their boats out for seasonal service, winterization, or dry storage.

2. Sandbars

Coastal boaters in particular can understand the unique draw of a good ‘ole sandbar party. Our Florida boaters will recognize names like Haulover Sandbar in North Miami Beach, the Islamorada Sandbar just off of Windley Key, and the Nixon Sandbar in Key Biscayne.

For boaters with toddlers or young children, sandbars provide the perfect shallow water playground for youngsters who are just getting their waterwings and learning to swim.

3. Raft Ups and Party Coves

Party coves and raft ups tend to go hand-in-hand. For newer boaters who are still learning the nautical slang, a “raft up” can basically be defined as using lines and fenders to tie together multiple boats on each side of one anchored boat.

Raft ups are extremely popular with both freshwater and saltwater boaters. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Lake Cumberland, Kentucky is said to have recorded the world’s “largest boat tie up” in August 2010 with 1,651 boats—and of course, every year since then they continue to celebrate this accomplishment annually with a raft up event.

4. Dive Sites and Snorkeling Locations

Besides being a vessel that provides a whole ton of fun, boats are also vehicles that help mankind get closer to nature. There’s no better way to explore our oceans and waterways than jumping right into the action with your snorkel or with a dive tank on your back.

From colorful coral reefs to abandoned, historic shipwrecks, you can find all these locations and more pinned within your KnowWake app—and don’t forget to save your own favorite diving and snorkeling spots while you’re at it.

5. Orange Wake Zones: Areas for Towing & High Speed Activities

Wakesurfing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing—bring on the action! It’s no wonder why watersports are one of America’s favorite boating pastimes.

If you’re ready for your next high speed, big air, adrenaline rush, be sure to utilize KnowWake’s Wake Zone identification feature. This will help you discover Orange Wake Zone areas that are designated for towing and high speed activities like watersports.

There’s plenty more locations and features to explore within the KnowWake app!
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