10 Best Boating Destinations in the US

Find yourself constantly searching for the “best places to go boating near me?” KnowWake can help. With coverage and water access in 48 states, including more than 350 inland lakes and rivers, KnowWake allows you to easily explore the best boating destinations across the entire country—from nearby boating hot spots in your local community, to picturesque boating vacation destinations in different cities around the US.

Let’s dive into the top 10 boating destinations you’ll discover in the KnowWake app: 

1. Southeast Florida Coast

South Florida is a boater’s paradise. From Daytona Beach, all the way down the east coast to West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and even the Florida Keys, boaters will find endless crystal clear waters with party-perfect sandbars—find places to raft up with friends and other KnowWake community users.

2. Southwest Florida Coast 

On the flipside of the state, Southwest Florida also presents countless opportunities for boaters. Large communities of KnowWake users actively boat in areas like Fort Myers and Tampa. Not to mention, the white sand beaches along the west coast of Florida bordering the Gulf of Mexico just can’t be beat.

3. The Carolinas

Working our way up the eastern seaboard, the Carolinas and the Intracoastal Waterway is a playground for boaters with plenty of inlets, rivers, bays, sounds, and canals to explore. Popular waterside communities in this area of the country include Charleston, SC, Myrtle Beach, SC, Wilmington, NC, and up through the Outer Banks. A little further south, historic Savannah, GA is also a cool spot for cruising.

4. Northeast 

Bring on the lobster boats and New England clam chowder! The Northeast has always been a great destination for boating—particularly for avid anglers looking to cast their line during all four seasons within these cooler waters. Of course, can’t-miss areas include both New York and Boston, MA, and if you’re visiting in the fall, you’ll definitely want to enjoy a little leaf-peeping to admire the beautiful autumn foliage.

5. Mid-Atlantic 

It’s all about crabbing in these Mid-Atlantic waters. From the Tidewater areas of coastal Virginia, up into the Chesapeake Bay and into Maryland, you’ll want to take advantage of the KnowWake app to help you find the best dockside dining establishments where you can order a bushel of Maryland blue crabs.

6. Midwest 

Inland boaters! We wouldn’t forget you. A large community of KnowWakers reside in the Midwest, especially in areas like Chicago, IL, Nashville, TN, St. Louis, MO, and yes, Lake of the Ozarks, MO. It’s all about that #lakelife around here—and you can count on KnowWake to help you find the best local party coves hiding in these waters.

7. Great Lakes

When it comes to boating, the Great Lakes don’t mess around. Summers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan are focused around all sorts of on-water fun. And of course, we can’t forget our friends up north—Canadians living in Toronto also often take full advantage of the KnowWake app.

8. Gulf of Mexico

That ‘Bama breeze! If Jimmy Buffett is singing about it, then you know it should be on this list. From New Orleans, LA, to the Gulf Shores of Alabama, Mississippi, and the panhandle of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico is an iconic boating destination and a haven for both local and visiting KnowWake users alike.

9. Texas 

Everything’s bigger in Texas—and that includes boating. Along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Texas cities like Houston, Galveston and Corpus Christi are perfect retreats for vacationers and locals looking to get out on the water and get active. From kayaking to fishing, sailing and powerboating, you’ll find it all down here.

10. California

West Coast boaters, we got you covered, too! In California, KnowWakers enjoy boating all the way from the Bay Area around San Francisco, down into Southern California near Los Angeles and San Diego. During the summer months, Lake Tahoe is also a hot spot for water sports enthusiasts.

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