Boatgating with KnowWake: Best Stadiums on the Water

Hey all you sports fans, what’s better than enjoying a well-stocked tailgate, piling into a stadium, hearing the crowd roar, and watching your favorite team bring home a W? How ‘bout doing all that, plus going boating? Yes, it’s possible—and yes, it’s easier than you think.

The term “boatgating” has actually been used as a nickname for a tailgate on the water. Basically how it works is if your favorite team’s stadium happens to be on the water, you can move your tailgate from the parking lot to the docks.

That being said, we’ve pulled together a list of the best stadiums on the water, from the NFL to MLB and NCAA. Did your team’s home field make the list? Read on to find out…

And before you start planning your tailgate (or boatgate) menu, consider these useful ways that KnowWake can help you plan your next day at the ballpark:

  1. Find public docks and marinas where you can tie up for the game.
  2. Explore local dockside restaurants closeby to the stadium where you can pick up carry-out orders on the way to your tailgate.
  3. If you’re commuting to the game with a boat in tow from out of the area, you can discover public boat ramps in the areas where you can launch.
  4. Connect with your friends and fellow fans both on and off the water via our user messaging feature, and share saved spots so they know where the party’s at.
  5. Noon game? Night game? Enjoy a morning or afternoon of boating either before or after the game. Find the best spots in the area for watersports, raft-ups, sandbars, fishing, snorkeling, and diving.

10 Best Stadiums on the Water

(listed in no particular order)


  1. National Park – Washington D.C., Home to the Washington Nationals (MLB)

Where to Dock: The Yards Marina

  1. PNC Park – Pittsburgh, PA, Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB)

Where to Dock: Station Square Dock or Lockwall One Marina

  1. AT&T Park – San Francisco, CA, Home of the San Francisco Giants (MLB)

Where to Dock: South Beach Harbor Marina

  1. TIAA Bank Field – Jacksonville, FL, Home of the Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)

Where to Dock: Metropolitan Park Marina

  1. Soldier Field – Chicago, IL, Home of the Chicago Bears (NFL)

Where to Dock: Burnham Harbor

  1. Heinz Field – Pittsburgh, PA, Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

Where to Dock: Washington’s Landing Marina

  1. FirstEnergy Stadium – Cleveland, OH, Home of the Cleveland Browns (NFL)

Where to Dock: Rock and Dock Marina

  1. Husky Stadium – Seattle, WA, Home of the Washington Huskies (NCAA)

Where to Dock: Husky Harbor

  1. McLane Stadium – Waco, TX, Home of the Baylor Bears (NCAA)

Where to Dock: Baylor Sailgating Marina

  1. Neyland Stadium – Knoxville, TN, Home to the Tennessee Volunteers (NCAA)

Where to Dock: Volunteer Landing Marina

If your team’s not in season, that’s okay! Plan your next boating vacation in one of these Top 10 Boating Destinations—or organize a staycation and Plan your Boat Day with KnowWake.

Buy those tickets to the big game—and then start planning your boatgating menu.
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