KnowWake Announces Four BIG Features in 4.0 App Release

published by: Cision PR Newswire

Available for both iOS and Android, KnowWake’s 4.0 update delivers all-new navigation tools, including waterway routing, location sharing, depth, and vessel tracks.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — KnowWake, a first-of-its-kind, free waterway navigation app powered by real-time updates and crowdsourced data, recently released it’s 4.0 application upgrade for iOS and Android. Version 4.0 launched in mid December with four new boat navigation app features designed to further enhance experiences on the water.

New Boat Navigation App Features

1. Destination Routing Based on Vessel Draft

How it works: Users can route directly to any of KnowWake’s points-of-interest on US waterways with distance displayed.

2. Location Sharing

How it works: Users can share their location with other KnowWake users, a group, or publicly with all users.

3. Local and Remote Depth

How it works: Depth is displayed based on current location. It can also be shown elsewhere on the chart by first tapping the depth gauge, and then tapping anywhere on the water to reveal.

4. Breadcrumbs (also known as Vessel Tracks)

How it works: A user’s vessel leaves behind a trail of breadcrumbs during a voyage. These vessel tracks can be saved, retraced and shared.

“These new features will allow users to rely on KnowWake their entire trip, from dock to dock and more.” said Head of Product, AJ Shore.

What’s been comparable to a Waze or Google Maps for the road, KnowWake’s platform creates a simple and safer way to explore all the dockside and waterfront locations available by boat. Users will find everything from local restaurants, marinas, fuel docks, launch ramps, dive shops, inlets, dive sites, snorkel areas, and so much more. The app is currently available in the United States, Canada, parts of the Caribbean, Australia, and New Zealand—this also includes inland bodies of water, with more than 350 lakes and rivers, and all of America’s Great Loop.

In addition to the latest features unveiled in 4.0, key existing features include: a Wake Zone Identifier, Marine Life Sightings, Patrol and Hazard Locations, the ability to create and share a Float Plan, an S.O.S. Safety Feature, and Offline Mode to allow KnowWake and GPS to work without an internet connection.

To learn more or download the app, please visit KnowWake.com.