Miami Wire Shouts Out the Release of KnowWake’s New Marine Weather Suite

Miami Wire, a leading online source covering first-rate businesses from every corner of the globe, took time to highlight KnowWake’s recent launch of its new Marine Weather Suite.

In its feature, Miami Wire explains KnowWake’s trusted history in being “the perfect companion for surfers, boaters, snorkeling enthusiasts, waterfront marinas and restaurant owners over the years by helping them find their way and easily explore different waterfront locations.”

The article goes on to describe the new weather tools available to users, and quotes KnowWake’s very own Public Relations Manager, Mack Abbott:

“The app has added a new weather feature called the Marine Weather Forecast Suite which gives users a wide range of features like tides, temperature, wind speed & direction, swell heights, water temperature, precipitation, sunrise & sunset, moon phases, and many more.

‘The new marine weather suite will be a huge addition for our current and new users to plan their day and while on the water. Now reliable marine navigation and weather forecasts will be available all within one app!’ Mack Abbott , Public Relations Manager of KnowWake said.”

The feature, written by Miami Wire’s Helen Gray, is the latest in a list of many write-ups to highlight KnowWake’s growth and innovation as they continue to become a leader in the all-in-one boating app space. Other notable publications include BoatU.S. MagazineSouthern BoatingDiscover Boating, US Insider, Market Daily, Boating Industry, and Florida Ski Riders.

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Feature Published on Miami Wire

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